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CaipsFile – An Authorized Agency Which Provides CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS Notes!

Apply for CAIPS Notes Online with our support and services! We help you get going with your visa re- application process. If you are facing any kind of Canada visa rejection such as Canada visitor visa rejection, Canada student visa rejection, etc. or if you need help with tracking your Canada visa application, you can apply for CAIPS Notes online. You can also apply for GCMS Notes, as they prove to be very beneficial for Canada Visa applicants.
Even if you’re keen to check the status of your visa application, we’re here for you. Our online application portal is specially designed to assist all the applicants who face discrepancy, rejection or unexpected delay in their visa process.

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CAIPS stands for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System”. It is a computer system used by all Canadian Visa Offices/Consulates to process visa applications. CAIPS Notes is a computerized record of all visa applications including remarks and interviews taken by the high commission in past from outside Canada. An online application for CAIPS can be made for any type of Canada visa. We provide you with CAIPS Notes authorized by CIC.


FOSS stands for “Field Operational Support System”. It is the computer system used by CIC offices in Canada to track all immigration related information. FOSS Notes are mainly used for applications made from inside Canada. FOSS Notes have CBSA details such as past interviews, conversation held at Port of Entries, etc. We provide FOSS application notes and its relevant services which are very beneficial for you.


GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System”. Currently, most of the Canadian Offices use the GCMS system. GCMS and Unique Client ID make current or past Immigration Information available to CIC and CBSA anywhere in the world. GCMS Notes are applicable to any type of Canada visa application which is made from within or outside of Canada. We provide GCMS Notes from CIC and you can apply for GCMS Notes online.

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