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5 Major Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection! Here’s how you can Defeat It

5 Major Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection! Here’s how you can Defeat It

People all around the world are aspiring to go to Canada. It can be for the purpose of studies, professional visit, immigration, etc. But what if your application for Canadian visa is rejected? If at all you are unaware why your Canada visa application was rejected, you can order CAIPS Notes. These notes can help you with a successful reapplication for Canada visa.

There can be a number of Canada visa rejection reasons. It depends on various aspects and usually varies from case to case. Here are 5 common reasons why a Canada visa application generally gets rejected –

Intent to Leave Canada

The first and foremost factor responsible for Canada visa refusal is whether you intend to go back to your home country at the end of your stay in Canada. Visa officers keep a stern eye over indications in your application for the same. In case they are of the opinion that you will not leave Canada, you might end up facing Canada visa rejection.

This is because some people might visit Canada with an intention to stay there for longer than their prescribed permit. Hence, it is important to convince the visa officers that you wish to come back to your own country.

Financial and Economic Stability

Another possible reason for facing visa rejection is the lack of sufficient funds and financial capability. Visa officers expect every applicant to be capable of bearing his or her own basic expenses such as cost of living in Canada, travelling, tuition fees (if any), etc.

The obvious rationale behind this reason is that no foreigner should become a burden on the Canadian Government and foreigners must be self-reliant.

Travel history

Sometimes, an applicant’s travel history might result in the rejection of his or her Canada visa application. Visa officers take into account the validity of your reason to visit Canada.

In case you are visiting Canada for the first time without any specific purpose, such as to study or meet your spouse, your travel history will be checked. Whether you have visited any other foreign countries in the past plays a major role here.

Family Ties in Native Country

If you have weak family ties in your country of residence, it can become a reason of your Canada visa refusal. This is because weak family ties would indirectly indicate that you might not feel like returning back to your home land.

Hence, visa officers, at the time of assessing your application, look for various reasons which can encourage you to leave Canada after your authorized stay. If they are not able to find such a strong factor which can bring you back to your country of residence, visa refusal might be the outcome.

Visa Application

Filing an incomplete or erroneous application is one of the most common Canada visa rejection reasons. Of course, visa officers would not entertain any application for Canada visa which is devoid of certain vital information or documents. For example, if you apply for Canada spouse visa without providing sufficient proof of your marriage with your spouse, your visa tends to get refused.

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