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5 Reasons for Canada Spouse Visa Rejection

5 Reasons for Canada Spouse Visa Rejection

There is no feeling greater than that of togetherness with your spouse, especially when they work or study overseas in a country like Canada. Long distance is difficult and so is the 8-hour time gap between India and Canada, what’s even more difficult is the sinking feeling of having to support your spouse in another country merely through the screen! However, Canada spouse visa is not short of a boon for such couples with the added benefit of allowing them to also apply for Spouse Dependent Open Work Permit and earn alongside living with their spouse.

But Canada Spouse Visa as easily subject to approval is subject to rejection as well. Owing to the large number of scams surrounding applications for Canada spouse visa the authorities have become stauncher with easy approval.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your Canada Spouse Visa may be liable to rejection:

1. Ineligible to Sponsor:

Being a permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen doesn’t amount to enough reasons for being an eligible sponsor for Canada spouse visa. One must fulfill the minimum requirements to be a sponsor like being an adult residing or intending to reside in Canada post completion of their sponsorship process.

If you are sponsoring your spouse or children, you are also liable to fulfill the minimum requirements for minimum income eligibility by meeting minimum income requirements for the three taxation years preceding the sponsorship application.

Moreover, a clean criminal record, no default on repayment of loans, family support payments or bonds, and also not receiving social assistance are other requirements of eligibility to sponsor. Non-compliance with these requirements makes one’s Canada spouse visa more susceptible to rejection.

2. Ineligible to be Sponsored:

It is not only on the part of the sponsor to prove eligibility, the spouse wanting to be sponsored must comply with eligibility requirements as well. The answer to asking for sponsorship for your fiancé is a big fat NO! Mere engagement does not amount to eligibility for family sponsorship however your fiancé can be sponsored under definition of common-law or conjugal partner. If the person wanting sponsorship is a security risk, is guilty of human rights violations, fails to have a clean criminal record, or suffers from significant health problems will definitely not be liable to sponsorship for Canada spouse visa.

3. Permanent Resident living outside Canada:

Sponsorship for Canada spouse visa is not permitted when the sponsor is residing outside Canada. It is possible for Canadians to initiate sponsorship process while residing outside Canada however their application will be denied for the abovementioned reason. The sponsorship application will be allowed only if the person wanting to be sponsored proves his/her intent to reside in Canada once the sponsors permanent residence is approved.

4. Undeclared Family Members:

While filing for an application of permanent residence, an applicant is required to mention all their family members. This also includes members that the applicant does not intend sponsor. Failure to declare any such family member will render the application ineligible even if they are to be sponsored in future. While this will result in denial of Canada spouse visa it will can impact the sponsor’s status as a permanent resident as well.

5. Wrong Information in the Application Form:

Any party to application be it the sponsor or the person wanting to be sponsored are required to fill accurate information in all processes of Canada spouse visa applications. Any form of misrepresentation be it accidental or deliberate will result in application being denied. Nature of relationship, health and medical tests, financial statements, and other necessary details should be filed with due care and diligence. True and accurate information on application process will reduce chances of Canada spouse visa rejection.

Other reasons for Canada spouse visa rejection also include:

  • Outdated / Incorrect version of Forms: (8 – 10 in total). Forms change every 1 -2 months.
  • Incorrectly answering questions: (approximately 200 total)
  • Leaving questions blank / unanswered / not using “N/A” where applicable
  • Missing Required Forms / Documents / Evidence
  • Incorrect fees paid or not included in application
  • Mixing up the “Principal applicant” and the “Sponsor”
  • Country Specific Requirements: Not included or incorrect

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