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5 Reasons your Canada student visa is not yet approved

5 Reasons your Canada student visa is not yet approved

Congratulations on applying for your Canada student visa! It is indeed a very big and tedious decision to zero in on your university, place of accommodation, course of study and go through the visa application process as well. However, it is very disheartening and sinking to wait around after applying for your Canada student visa. Checking the website for your visa status every day, change of optimism into pessimism and the worst of all starting to assume why your visa isn’t approved just as yet. According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizens Canada), the number of international students holding a Canadian student visa was 640,000 as of 31 December 2019 and this number is subject to increase every consecutive year. It is often seen that 1 in 4 student visa applications are subjected to rejection but you can dodge right through them. Here are a few reasons your Canada student visa is not yet approved:

1. Issue with travel or identity documents

It is very necessary to submit each and every document in order to avoid delay in student visa approval. One of the possible reasons your Canada student visa is taking so long is because of absence of all documents required for approval. If you’re applying for a post-graduation course the copy of your degree as well as your transcripts form the entire document subject to visa approval. A valid passport, properly documented forms and your recent photographs are requisites of your identity documents.

2. Covid-19 and increase in applications

The ongoing pandemic has had an adverse effect on the speed of student visa processing via the ICCRC. Subject to Covid-19 restrictions and difference in working capacity of visa approvals, student visa applications may take longer than expected and hence aren’t approved or rejected in most cases. Increase in applications is another reason why your student visa application might not have been approved just as yet. A six-fold surge in Canada student visa applications was observed during the pandemic hence through checking of all applications might lead to visa applications not being approved.

3. Your visa application lacks conviction

If your visa application is for a course that differs from the kind of study or courses you have undertaken prior to it or your intent of stay like reasons are not valid rather not convincing to the visa approval officer, your student visa might not be approved while you’re expecting it to and might take a little longer than expected.

4. Financial stability

You might’ve taken a student loan to get to your beloved foreign university in Canada however, it is also important that one shows proof of financial stability as well as capability to work in Canada in order to sustain oneself. If such proof or supporting statement is found to be of doubt or difference, your Canada student visa application may take longer as subject to approval.

5. Failure to comply with health standards

Though this was an important requisite for all kinds of visa approvals, considering the ongoing pandemic and the staunch health rules surrounding it in the present situation; it is of utmost importance that a Canada student visa applicant complies with every health document and health standard asked for. However there are applicants subject to problems in biometrics or even non-compliance with full disclosure of any health problem as a result of which the visa application is not approved on your expected time nor rejected till the visa application officer gets a hold on the valid reasoning to take appropriate action.

Apart from the mentioned reasons, reasons like the restrictions on direct route flights from India to Canada, cut to half working capacity of visa approval institutions, changes in courses since first applied add to delay or uncertainty in canada student visa application. It is however no matter of anxiousness if your canada student visa application has not yet been approved. You can always use CAIPS notes; Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System which is a computer system used by Canadian visa offices to process visa applications. CAIPS notes not only states reasons for your visa rejection but also helps in determining a clear status of your visa application. – No More Visa Rejections.

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