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5 Tips for Canada visa re-application after rejection

5 Tips for Canada visa re-application after rejection

Did your Canada Visa get rejected? We are sorry you had to go through that. But worry not! There’s no rule that says you’ll get rejection on re-application, in fact we think second time’s the definite charm! What is most important at the moment is to not waste time assuming the reasons, and to apply for CAIPS notes. CAIPS notes enables one to know the exact reason behind visa rejection and improve on those reasons when re-applying for visa. Here are a few tips that could come in handy when you’re re-applying for visa post rejection:

1. Understand the reason behind visa rejection:

Out of the numerous reasons that could be possible for your visa rejection here are a few; Lack of sufficient financial funds and proofs to support foreign education, Inability of confirming a necessary return to India after completion of education, Incorrect / false documents, Inadequate language or communication skills, Misbehavior during the visa interview, Failure to explain the reason for choosing a particular course, university, or country, Inability to provide convincing answers during the interview. If your visa rejection reason falls under any of these reasons, or any other understand how you can improve on it before re-application.

2.Overcoming the problems that lead to rejection:

Make sure you clear the infirmities of your last application before you re-apply. For example; if your visa got rejected due to insufficient funds make sure you balance that out before re-application. If your visa got rejected due to misinformation make sure you verify and correct the said misinformation, if your visa application got rejected as a result of you being under confident during the interview make sure you practice and be more confident when re-applying.

3. Use best possible assistance when re-applying

Using assistance of CAIPS notes or an established and assured assisted system when re-applying for your Canada visa will increase chances of approval post re-application. CAIPS is Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System which is a computer system used by Canadian visa offices to process visa applications. It gives you valuable information on the current status and future processing of your Canadian permanent residence application. Hence, using the information pertaining to reasons of Canada visa rejection and turning them around when re-applying can increase chances of approval to a maximum.

4. Sort your re-application options:

a)Re-Apply in the same country- You can use CAIPS notes and improve on the said reasons for rejection and apply for student visa in Canada again. Chances of approval after improvements and re-application in the same country are higher.

b)Applying in other countries- If you have been rejected more than just once by the same country, it is better to apply in another country for your student visa. Try looking for the same quality of courses that you aspired to pursue in Canada but in other countries. Use this option as a last resort. Having decided to re-apply in the next intake or next year, you should utilize this time to add on to your qualification, whether academic or professional.

5.Use the time before re-application:

The time between your visa rejection and re-application can be used for you to pursue something academic or professional adding to increasing your chances of Canada student visa approval. There is nothing better for a re-applicant of student visa to show how they used the time on their hands to prepare an application better than before. It is suggested one pursues a short term diploma or joins an internship that makes a stronger base not only for Canada student visa re-application but also for more opportunities in Canada as a whole.

If these 5 tips are followed post visa rejection instead of getting disheartened and losing hopes, you might actually thank yourself when your Canada student visa gets approved on re-application! However, if you read the blog you know you need CAIPS notes to actually improve on your re-application. And Caipsfile provides the best in class CAIPS notes services with providing interpretation for the same. Hence, making your re-application process smoother and efficient than ever.