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Bursting CAIPS Myths

Bursting CAIPS Myths

CAIPS notes are the very first resort to anyone who has gone through visa rejection. Yet there are a lot of discrepancies with the concept of CAIPS further disabling people from availing the one service of utmost importance if their visa has been rejected, is subject to delay, or if one has decided to go for visa re-application. The CAIPS Notes (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) are electronic notes which consist of the information of the visa applications. The CIC or Canadian High Commission maintains proper documentation of the details of the applicants.

The details are related to the visa application submission location, assessment details, and the visa officer’s remarks about the application. The electronic notes are generally a medium through which the applicants applying for a visa under all categories, i.e. Study, Visitor or Spouse, can receive details about their application.

However, there are a lot of myths regarding CAIPS that actually impacts an applicant’s re-application process as they would do it without having any idea of the mistakes they made that led to visa rejection thus subjecting them closer to visa rejection again. This blog aims to burst a few CAIPS Myths for you so you listen only to yourself when it comes to CAIPS!

1. Under what laws are CAIPS notes issued? Are they legal?

CAIPS notes are issued under the Canadian federal law called Access to Information and Privacy Act (ATIP). It is a federal law and enables any person to obtain information pertaining to him from the federal government. The ATIP act also allows the act of obtaining information on behalf of someone else. The only drawback is the condition that the applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. However, the answer to this myth is that CAIPS is a 100% legal.

2. Does CAIPS slow the visa application process? Does it incur any drawbacks?

The best way to burst this myth is one single word; NO!!! In no way does issuing CAIPS notes lead to slower visa process nor does it work as a drawback to your application. If anything it is only an aid and benefit in your visa rejection and re-application process. It helps you obtain precise answers as to visa rejection and also helps you know the status of your visa application if it is stuck which in no way is a drawback.

3. Google provides topmost reasons for visa rejection why issue CAIPS?

While it is right said that Google answers and provides most of the answers to our searches it is a search engine that caters to the needs of 100’s and lakhs of people searching for the same thing as you over a period of time. CAIPS notes on the other hand are based on an individual basis thus making sure the reasons are curated on a general basis. CAIPS notes gives you reasons for visa rejections that pertain to you and you only.

4. One can issue CAIPS notes on their own!

This would not be a myth if the person issuing CAIPS notes is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. However, if you are none of the 2 it is impossible for you to believe myths like these and try to issue CAIPS notes all by yourself! It is thus an important requisite that you issue CAIPS notes through a third party that can directly issue CAIPS notes for you.

5. Any third party can issue my CAIPS notes for me

Well this is definitely a myth that needs proper justification because believing such myths makes people prone to fraud and loss of funds. If you are looking for a legal, assured service providing and assisted CAIPS notes third party you should obtain all services CAIPS from Caipsfile. Caipsfile has been providing this service since more than 6 years now and have a success ratio of more than 6000c clients. Caipsfile assesses your CAIPS notes and help you with interpretation, recommendation and further process towards your reapplication. Adding to these reasons is the fact that we have an office in Canada to make CAIPS services easier for our clients and also the fact that we have expert counsellors who have tremendous experience pertaining to CAIPS and its working.

We hope this blog could free your mind of some of the most prevalent myths about CAIPS and that you don’t pay any attention to such myths unless Caipsfile issues such blogs informing you.

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