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Caips File Check: Optimize your Caips File to Avoid Visa Rejection

Caips File Check: Optimize your Caips File to Avoid Visa Rejection

Stands for the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System, CAIPS is an online system operated and managed by the visa offices of Canada. Records of visa applications submitted with the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are kept in this system.

All records are kept in the form of electronic notes and these notes are called CAIPS Notes. CAIPS notes contains the details of the visa applications of the applicants. The details comprise of the place wherein the visa application has been submitted, along with the narration of the visa assessment and the remarks given by the visa officers on an application.

The system includes details of the applicant, dependents if any, documents submitted, incomplete/pending documents or additional documents requested by the CIC, carry-forward dates and visa officers’ remarks at each stage of the file clearance to the final outcome, i.e. either approval or refusal.

What are CAIPS File Check Notes?

CAIPS FILECHECK notes are formed on a request for the applications that are being processed outside the country of Canada. These notes contain all the information regarding the progress of an application. Every single action taken on your status is imprinted on the file.

When are CAIPS notes useful?

We’ve penned down various situations when CAIPS notes are the most helpful!

1) When your Visa Application is Refused

If your Canadian visa is rejected, for example Canada immigration refusal, then CAIPS notes will help you determine the exact reasons for such Canada visa rejection. These notes will contain all the relevant details on the location of your application submission, assessment details, and visa officer’s remarks regarding your application.

2) When Visa Application Process Undergoes Delay

If your visa application is taking longer than usual, then you can order the CAIPS notes to know the factors influencing the delay in the visa process. These notes will guide you with the visa status, giving you an indicative idea of how long it might take to be processed.

3) When CIC requests for an Interview

CIC or the Canadian High Commission requests the applicant to appear for an interview when they aren’t satisfied or have a doubt about the intentions of the applicant. The request is sent to the applicants to let them justify themselves and prove their honesty. CAIPS notes will give you minutiae based on various reasons cited by the visa officer for requesting an interview.

4) When CIC requests for additional documents

There may arise a situation wherein, Canadian High Commission suspects the authenticity of your documents, or if they are incomplete in nature, they request for authenticity or additional documents when they have a doubt about the intentions of the applicant. Ordering CAIPS notes will help you understand the concise reason why they requested additional documents.

5) For checking the current status of your visa

Once the application is submitted, people are eagerly waiting for a reply. Applicants are curious to know how long will it take and where has it reached in the process. CAIPS notes will be able to answer your questions. It will give an opportunity to know the status of your visa.

6) For Medical Test

A medical examination is mandatory in most of the visa categories. Sometimes your visa application process is paused due to medical concerns. The applicant keeps waiting as they have no idea what’s going on with their visa application because the medical reports are sent directly to the CIC or Canadian High Commission. CAIPS notes can provide you details on the medical reports and even give you a copy of your medical report if requested.

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