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CAIPS Notes Interpretation Ends Understanding of Technical Terms

CAIPS Notes Interpretation Ends Understanding of Technical Terms

Visa rejection is one of the disturbing moments in an individual’s life. Have you ever faced a visa rejection? Every year thousands of applicants apply for Canadian Visa for multiple purposes be it student visa, visitor visa, work permit visa, spouse visa etc. But, not everyone can turn the tables around. Now, CAIPS notes interpretation is one peculiar service that can help you achieve your goals by making necessary changes in your visa application.

CAIPS which stands for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System” is a computer-based system under which the Canadian visa offices and consultants operate. It’s one systematic way in which the visa applications are kept as a record of the past and the present applications which are taken by the High Commission of Canada. This type of service comes into action when an applicant files a request for the report of the rejection of his/her visa application.

Now there are three subcategories of notes according to the request made by the applicant.

  • If the application is filed outside Canada then the applicant can file a request for CAIPS notes interpretation.
  • If the application is filed in Canada then the applicant can file a request for the FOSS application notes which stands for Field Operational Support System.
  • The last category which has been introduced in the recent years is GCMS which stands for Global Case Management System. So, the candidate can file a request for the GCMS notes interpretation.

But, remember the CAIPS notes are exclusively meant to be for the Canadian visa applicants and can be requested if the candidate has not received an answer from the visa office or the visa has been rejected.


You might be wondering that we live in a world where there is a space-age technology known as the internet. So, why does the applicant need the service of notes interpretation along with the request of CAIPS/GCMS/FOSS? It must not fill you in surprise that the CAIPS report comes in a dialect that is hard for individuals to understand unless you are well versed with some technical knowledge about the same.

But, at we offer you the service of CAIPS notes interpretation along with the request for the CAIPS report making it a piece of cake for you to make amendments when you re-apply for the visa.

Also, maybe you want to have a piece of advice by the experts and at the payment of 90 CAD, we offer you the premium service where you order for the CAIPS notes interpretation as well as the expert advice as for where you need to work on for making that visa file strong enough to enter Canada. Hurry up now to solve your problem!