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How CAIPS Notes Reveal Your Canada Immigration Refusal Reasons?

How CAIPS Notes Reveal Your Canada Immigration Refusal Reasons?

Every year thousands of applicants apply for Canada immigration but not all of them see the light of the day. Well, there are reasons attached to their refusal which lead to such a decision by the visa officer. Now, not plenty of people know that they can request the Canada High Commission for the reason of their refusal and get to know how the visa officer landed on such a decision. The request is known as CAIPS notes. CAIPS over here is an acronym for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System” wherein the applicant gets the exact reason for the refusal rather than the naïve one on the refusal letter.Now, the question arises is how to request CAIPS/GCMS notes for your Canada immigration refusal reasons. If these steps are followed then you can definitely have the knowledge of your Canada immigration refusal reasons through CAIPS notes


You should visit an expert who deals with Canada immigration refused cases and can guide you through the re-application part. Once you visit the expert, the concerned person will explain you about the phases of requesting CAIPS notes, the charges that you need to pay to the expert and what all documents are required to be submitted to the expert for the request of your CAIPS notes. The experts offer you additional services such as the interpretation of your CAIPS notes which allows you to know your Canada immigration refusal reason. Furthermore, the recommendation is also given for your Canada immigration re-application.


Now, after you have been oriented on the CAIPS notes request and the re-application processes you should submit the necessary documents to the expert as well as the required fees. The expert will then make a request for your CAIPS notes to the Canada High Commission. The CAIPS/GCMS notes on an average take 30 working days approximately once when ordered.


After approximate 30 working days of requesting CAIPS/GCMS notes for your Canada immigration refusal reasons, you get your CAIPS notes which give you a meticulous description of your immigration application from the visa officer’s perspective. Not to forget, the language used by the visa officers has technical terms in it as it is used for official purpose. So, if your expert gives you the extra service of interpretation of CAIPS notes you should opt for it as it becomes easy for a layman to understand the complex remarks drafted by the visa officer.

As a result, you get to know your Canada immigration refusal reason whether it be due to your forged documents or incomplete documents, a refusal in your medical or the verification of your documents such as your work experience does not turn out to be true. So, the experts can help you with such visa rejections. As a benefit, you can re-apply for Canada immigration and amend your mistake.

One of the renowned experts who deal in Canada immigration refused cases is who is experienced at what they do. They assist you by providing you with the service of requesting CAIPS notes as well as the interpretation of the notes and recommend you that what all things you need to incorporate in your case to make it stronger.