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How are CAIPS notes correlated to your visa reapplication?

How are CAIPS notes correlated to your visa reapplication?

If you have faced a Canada visa rejection, you might be planning for visa reapplication but you should halt for a minute and think before re-applying. If visa reapplication is not done under proper guidance you will waste your money over the fees. So, before initiating your re-application process you should order CAIPS notes. CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System i.e. an online system which is used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for application processing in abroad visa offices.

Each and every visa application processed is kept as a record in the system in the form of notes which is known as CAIPS notes. The notes are a representation of your visa application which is processed by the visa officer. Moreover, it contains information of the location on which your file was processed if your application is refused then the reasons of your visa refusal, the documents which are missing in your application and the visa officer’s remarks. This helps the applicant know the reasons for visa refusal and what made the visa officer land on such a decision.


CAIPS notes are correlated with your re-application as when you request CAIPS notes from CIC it gives you information about your refusal reasons as well as what other elements were missing in your visa application.

So, when you re-apply you don’t contradict the previous information in your current application. Also, when you re-apply you don’t commit the same mistake. As a reason, the chances of approval increase as when you re-apply you present your case in a stronger manner as you demonstrate more documents to support your eligibility. You don’t have to struggle to know how your visa application was refused.


CAIPS notes can only be requested by a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or an individual or corporation present in Canada. So, you can request CAIPS notes with the help of is an online portal where a team of experts assist individuals who have faced Canada visa rejection by requesting CAIPS notes on their behalf. The experts are authorized to order CAIPS notes on your behalf. Also, the service of CAIPS notes interpretation and recommendation for re-application is offered by a team of experts. CAIPS notes are used by visa officials that makes them hard to understand by common people as there are technical terms in CAIPS notes.

All you have to do is register with them, select your service, pay the required fees and upload the required documents. You will have no problem such as filling up CAIPS notes application form or uploading the documents and each and every process is carried out by the experts.

Now, once you order CAIPS notes, understand it and take a recommendation from experts, your visa reapplication becomes easier. So, make sure that before visa reapplication your CAIPS notes are there to support you. For getting in touch with experts, you can drop them an e-mail on to make your visa reapplication easy.