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CAIPS Unlatches The Re-application Path To Canada Visa

CAIPS Unlatches The Re-application Path To Canada Visa

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) uses computer systems to process the immigration and visa applications. This system was earlier known as CAIPS before it got upgraded to GCMS notes. GCMS stands for Global Case Management System which is used for visa and immigration offices located inside and outside of Canada.

CAIPS notes are used by Canadian offices outside the premises of Canada. FOSS is another computer system used by the IRCC to process CAIPS applications within Canada. When you order CAIPS, the IRCC provides a printout of your CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS file from their computer systems. These notes are written in a technical language because they are used by the officer for internal communication within the visa and immigration offices.

Canada visa refused? You can reapply with the help of CAIPS. Get CAIPS notes ordered with the help of experts. CAIPS notes will allow you to unravel the reasons for Canada visa rejection. Refusal letter is given by the IRCC when your visa is rejected. But, they only mention a few common or random reasons for refusal. It is important for you to find of the definite reason if you wish to re-apply. Canada visa rejection can be due to various reasons or just one reason. So, you need to first find the reason and fix it during re-application of the visa.

Once you request for CAIPS notes, you will receive the notes within approximately 30 working days from the date of your CAIPS application submission. Your CAIPS file will have valuable information on the current status and upcoming processing of your Canada visa application. You can get CAIPS notes ordered for all kinds of visa rejections or delays. Canada visa rejection can be a little demoralizing but you can conquer it by ordering CAIPS notes and fixing your mistake during visa re-application.

Following are a few steps you should follow in case of Canada visa rejection:

  1. Get CAIPS notes ordered by an expert.
  2. Get the CAIPS notes interpreted as it is written in technical language.
  3. Get Recommendations for visa re-application, so you avoid making similar mistakes and add relevant documents to strengthen your visa case.
  4. You are all set for re-application.

You can take help of for achieving the above 4 points. CaipsFile has been in business for many years and therefore they are capable of handling all types of complex cases. Experts at CaipsFile will recommend you tips for visa-reapplication that you simply have to follow in order to experience a smooth visa process. Professionals may ask for a few additional documents to refer your case, as they will have to understand your entire case before recommending you some tips for visa re-application. Canada Visa Rejection can be fixed with expert advice. Make sure you carefully follow all the tips given by the CaipsFile experts.