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What’s the CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS Notes’ Processing Time and tracking process?

What’s the CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS Notes’ Processing Time and tracking process?

CAIPS or GCMS or FOSS notes are your quick solutions to the problems of visa application refusals. These notes are to be ordered in case your application faces rejection or in case you want to check the status of your application which is taking a long time to process than usual.

CAIPS FOSS GCMS notes processing time is of around 30 working days which may get delayed if there’s a significant load of applications pending at the CIC office. For interpretation and recommendation of CAIPS notes, around 4 to 5 working days more will be needed to do so.

FOSS (Field Operational Support System) is used for applications that are made from within Canada. It also includes past interview and conversation held at the port of entries in Canada while CAIPS/GCMS notes are used by all Canadian Visa Offices / Consulates.

For the purpose of knowing the CAIPS notes tracking process, there are certainly authorized experts who can help you with the tracking of your application of CAIPS or GCMS or FOSS notes.

These notes are useful in several circumstances such as:

  • Knowing about the specific reasons behind your visa or immigration application rejection.
  • In case of incomplete documentation or submission, knowing which particular documents you missed out upon, or what information was left incomplete by you.
  • For knowing what additional documents or information is to be provided.
  • To get to know about the current status of your application if there’s substantial delay in the processing time.
  • To know what mistakes/errors have you made in your application.

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