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What Are The Causes Of Delay For Canada Immigration Visa Processing Time?

What Are The Causes Of Delay For Canada Immigration Visa Processing Time?

Does it usually get delayed in Canada immigration visa processing time?

If you are in search of a reply for various causes for delay in your Canada immigration visa processing time then get GCMS notes, a genuine and reliable reply to your query. The visa processing time for Canada Immigration has seen drastic changes from last few years. Prior to 2015 the application has long awaited processing time. In fact, many of the applicants who had applied for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in May 2014 are still awaiting their final results and passport requests. As per the current updates from January 2015 all the applications under the Federal skilled worker program will be processed in 6 months’ time period. At a time, it is normal for delays in Immigration updates but you should take care if there is an unusual delay in processing time. GCMS notes will give you a case specific reply for what are the causes of delay for Canada Immigration visa processing time.

How will GCMS notes help me to reduce delay in Canada Immigration Visa processing?

If your application is taking longer processing time, then there can be several reasons for a delay in your Canada Immigration Visa including incomplete or improper documents, lack of correct information, missing details, updates on police clearance or medical required by CIC and verification checks conducted resulting in some adverse remarks. By following the wait and watch policy you will have to accept delays in processing time as usual. But you have an option to understand and respond to the requirements of CIC in a timely manner to avoid refusals and delay for Canada Immigration Visa processing time and this is through GCMS notes.

Can I avoid an adverse decision on my current application and avoid delays in Immigration visa?

Applying for Canada immigration is long term processing involving a great amount of precision and accuracy. You can avoid delays by carefully following instructions and providing complete information. At a time, clients find it difficult to understand and manage intricacies involved in the process so they hire professional consultants to represent their case. In case if the representatives are non-registered then again, their credential is vague. In such situations clients suffer adversely due to inefficiency and shallow knowledge of representatives. GCMS notes can rescue your immigration visa in a wide range of situations, let it be incomplete application or misrepresentation of agents/consultants. You can get a clear picture of the status and reasons behind a delay for your Canada Immigration Visa processing time. GCMS notes are Global Case Management, this is the latest system used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for recording and processing information for immigration applications.

How will GCMS notes help me in expediting the process and for successful approval of my application?

GCMS notes are recordings of Citizenship and Immigration Canada this is extremely beneficial in expediting your application processing time. In case if CIC is planning to arrange an interview before issuing visa or requesting you for passport then GCMS notes can give this important piece of information thereby giving you time and an opportunity to prepare for it. Moreover, it will also include essential queries/questions that CIC is expecting to sort out in an interview. Getting such information prior to an interview can completely change the possibilities of Visa approval. There are at a times updated version of Medical or Police Clearance is required and at a time some important information is missing, in these cases instead of waiting for an update from CIC you can get details through GCMS notes and avoid causes of delay for Canada Immigration Visa processing time.

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