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Canada PR Update: Good News for Federal Skilled Workers!

Canada PR Update: Good News for Federal Skilled Workers!

In the initial all-program, Express Entry draw conducted by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) last week ever since the corona virus pandemic began, FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program) candidates finally made the cut. Previously, when the travel restrictions were yet to be introduced, Express Entry draws back then considered candidates from all the programs but when the travel restrictions were imposed due to the epidemic, IRCC began to focus only on PNP and CEC candidates for a specific reason that they were most likely to be in Canada. This as a result made the FSWP and FSTP candidates go out of contention.

This week’s draws changed the whole situation by including FSWP candidates as well in the draws!

IRCC’s reasoning behind conducting of draws for selective programs earlier was that the CEC & PNP candidates were less likely to be vulnerable from the spread of corona virus. This is because IRCC believed that they would be in Canada already. However, such a reason hindered the chances of FSWP candidates who could also have been present in Canada. Furthermore, in view of the competitive facet regarding the issuance of ITAs, IRCC had always ensured fair-play. Hence, not considering the participation of candidates from certain programs was out-and-out unfair.

The Express Entry round held last week clearly shows that IRCC is back to its normal ways and is certainly keen on holding all-program draws. This enables FSWP candidates to take part in the Express Entry draws again. Candidates can now appear for IELTS or CELPIP test and will be able to get an ECA too

A steady increase in competition is expected for CEC candidates because of the inclusion of FSWP candidates as a matter of participation in Express Entry draws. Even the cut-offs are all set to rise because of the same. However, CEC candidates should also remain confident as their Canadian Experience can help them a lot in getting an ITA. It can be anticipated that the Canadian Immigration process will be resuming its usual ways.