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Received Canada Visa Interview Request? Improve Your Interview Skills With CAIPS

Received Canada Visa Interview Request? Improve Your Interview Skills With CAIPS

The Canada Visa Interview is the crucial part of the process, however the actual intentions besides requesting for the interview are verification and validation of the information provided in the file and attesting that the information provided is true. It is one way of deciding upon the case of prospective applicants and their real intentions.

There lie several reasons beside getting a Canada Visa Interview request, some of the most common reasons are:

  • For verification and validation of the genuineness of the information provided on the forms and documentation submitted with the application. By reading facial and physical expressions of the candidate one can explore the exact intentions of the applicant.
  • Clarification on any queries and requirements of the additional information can be easily done by conducting a visa interview.
  • To clarify certain issues with regards to the background of the applicant and his/her dependents.
  • To verify that the applicant holds the necessary funds to settle in Canada.

How ordering Caips Notes assists you in giving a successful Canada visa interview?

  1. If you have been asked to attend a Canada visa interview, then requesting Caips notes can help you to find out why the interview was requested, which can help you to get well prepared for an interview.
  2. Canada Visa files often contain invaluable information providing accurate reasons for an interview, which can relate to the applicant’s employment history, education, past and current social records, past application and interview details, and several other factors.
  3. This information is valuable as it provides an accurate understanding into how a particular application is being viewed by the immigration department, and the issues that they consider important in decision-making.
  4. The officer may have put some remarks on the file, which may provide some insight on the status of the application. Many of the information is in codes, we also assist you in decoding this information and giving proper suggestions on your case.