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Canada Visa Refused? Here’s what you need to do next!

Canada Visa Refused? Here’s what you need to do next!

When and Why Should You Order CAIPS Notes?

CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. It’s responsible for processing Canada visa applications. We at provide assistance to clients who wish to gain detailed insights pertaining to their Canada visa applications. CAIPS reports, or popularly known as CAIPS Notes, are computer generated drafts which cite various details and important information related to your Canada visa application.

Here’s When You Need to Order CAIPS Notes:

1. Canada Visa Refusal

In case you Canada visa application gets rejected, you can order CAIPS notes to know in detail about the factors which led to such refusal. CAIPS Notes denote these factors albeit in a highly complex and technical language.

We at also provide CAIPS Notes interpretation services where our experts guide you through the foundational meaning of your CAIPS Notes. We can make it really easy for you to understand your CAIPS report.

2. Documents Attached with Canada Visa Application

You can also order CAIPS notes when you wish to get back the documents which you had earlier submitted along with your Canada visa application. Generally, applicants need these documents back in order to reapply or to rectify any errors or misinformation from their end.

3. Delay in Canada Visa Application Process

If you have applied for Canada visa but the process is taking longer than expected, you can order CAIPS Notes. This will help you know exactly why such a delay is taking place. Details like the processing stage at which your application is stuck can be easily known through CAIPS reports.

Here’s Why You Need to Order CAIPS Notes:

As stated earlier, CAIPS Notes help you know the reasons behind your Canada visa application refusal. Now, it’s important to know these reasons because they help you reapply for Canada visa after rectifying your mistakes and correcting any errors made by you at the time of applying.

CAIPS Notes are quite crucial for you as they can help you overturn the outcome of your Canada visa application. We at provide CAIPS Notes recommendation services as well so that we can guide you towards the right direction while helping you reapply for your Canada visa application.

CAIPS notes can be useful for you in numerous ways. In case you are invited for an interview by the IRCC, you can order CAIPS notes to prepare for such an interview. This is possible because with the help of CAIPS notes, you can depict the actual reason why you were called for an interview. Even if any discrepancy has taken place, you’ll be aware of the same in advance.

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