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Canada Visa Rejection: Why your Canada Visa Could Be Rejected?

Canada Visa Rejection: Why your Canada Visa Could Be Rejected?

With world-class education, friendly visa and immigration rules and better life prospects make Canada, one of the most sought-after study and immigrant destinations globally.

Contrary to what many people think, reapplying after a Canadian visa rejection or refusal is actually an option, depending on the reasons why the application was rejected in the first place. The letter that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sends you explaining your visa has been rejected, they don’t provide the information explaining why it was refused.

There are different reasons why an application for a visa may be rejected based on the unique requirements of each visa type. 1 in 4 applications are denied and could be easily avoided, by taking care of some common mistakes that could take place.

Here are some common reasons behind a Canada Visa Rejection.

1) Unable to Meet Health Standards

You will need to have an immigration medical exam done by a government-approved medical institution or professional when you apply for a visa.

Medical inadmissibility includes being:

  • A danger to public health (which includes having an infectious active disease, such as tuberculosis or syphilis, or have been in contact with someone who has an infectious disease)
  • A danger to public safety (which includes experiencing a loss of physical and mental abilities, unpredictable or violent behaviour); and/or
  • An excessive demand on health or social services (which depends on whether the cost of your medical treatments would put excessive strain on the public Canadian health care system and negatively affect wait times)

2) Inability to Prove Financial Capacity

Applicants must submit a bank certificate or bank statement. These documents provide evidence that you can support yourself while studying abroad. Uncertainty in your ability to pay for travel expenses, tuition fees, and day-to-day living while in Canada are all reasons why a visa officer may deny your application.

3) Failure to Meet National Security Standards

You will need to supply a police clearance certificate that you have not been involved in any of the following:

  • Espionage
  • Subversion (such as political riots or work strikes)
  • Violence or terror
  • Committed a crime (this includes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Be a member of an organization that violates human or international rights (involved in activities like money laundering, human trafficking, etc.)

If you have been involved in or committed any of the above activities, then you shall face a visa refusal.

4) Issues with Travel or Identity Documents

Submit all of the appropriate (and correct) documentation, including a valid passport, recent photos, and properly completed forms. The visa officer will use these documents to determine whether you are admissible to Canada. Ensure that you complete all necessary sections and that they’re easy to understand.

For example, if you have a degree, you must present a copy of the degree as well as your transcripts, or say, you have a work experience of 2 years, you must present a reference or experience letter, stating your duties and responsibilities.

5) Visa Officer’s Reservations Regarding the Applicant’s intention

A visa officer must trust that you will return to your country of residence by the end of your authorized stay. Previous travel history, family ties in Canada and your country of residence, and the purpose of your visit could all potentially cause a visa officer to suspect you may overstay your visa and reject your application. Other grounds for rejection include your immigration status in your country of residence, financial status, or previous history in Canada.

While getting a Canadian visa isn’t as simple and straightforward as it may seem, following these guidelines will help to ensure a smooth application process.

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