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Reveal Your Canada Visa Status Through Caips Notes

Reveal Your Canada Visa Status Through Caips Notes

The Canada visa application processing is always time taking, one must be patient while filing for Canadian visa application as it may take a time of two months to many years depending upon your case.

The Canada visa application processing always depends on certain factors such as:

The category applied for: The processing time generally varies on the basis of the category you have applied under. For e.g if you have applied for a Canada visitor visa it might take 15-20 days for processing, similarly if you have applied for Permanent Residency, it may take from 6 months to 1 year or even more.

The information provided: Sometimes lack of complete information also leads to delay in visa file processing.

The documents submitted at time of application: When the documents submitted at the time of application may not be enough as per the requirement, this may also lead to delay in your Canada visa application.

There are various reasons why your Canada visa process may get delayed such as:

Your unclear background: While assessing your file when the visa officer is not clear about your educational, family or financial background they may also request for additional documents or may ask to schedule an interview. It is strongly advised that you present your file in such a manner which helps the visa officer to get a clear idea on your background.

Criminal and security reasons: If you have ever had any criminal background in the past or have violated human rights in your country or elsewhere, there are chances that your visa application process might be on hold for further investigations.

Irrelevancy in the information provided: Some of the applicants provide irrelevant information or may also present forge documents at the time of visa application, this may lead to delay in your Canada visa application process.

Know when can you request CAIPS Notes:

1. If you have recently applied and would like to know the status on your file, Caips Notes can help you out.

2. If you have received an acknowledgment receipt of your application and would like to know progress on your file processing, then you can order CAIPS Notes and reveal your file status.

3. When you are asked to be present for a Canada visa interview, CAIPS Notes can help you to guide you in your interview by giving you the reason why you are being called for a visa interview, or what things missed out during application.

4. If you have passed your medical examination and paid your landing fees and are still waiting for your Canada visa application status then CAIPS Notes can help you in locating the current status on your file.

Know how caips notes helps you in getting your Canada visa application status:

The initial step is to check your file processing time on the CIC website. It may sound weird but most of the applicants are unaware about the average time for application finalization.

After you know the processing time and when you are sure on that your application is delayed, the best thing to do is to request for Caips/FOSS/GCMS notes, this can help you in two ways:

1. You can know what’s going on with your Canada visa application

2. It will help you fasten your application process.

Get your Caips Notes today and know the current updates on your file and make your Canada visa application processing speedier.