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Tips To Handle Canada Work Permit Refusal and Reapply

Tips To Handle Canada Work Permit Refusal and Reapply

Canada work permit refusal is not the last stop in your life that you should be upset about but like a smart person should think on how you can turn the situation into your favour. You should be thinking about how you can convince the visa officer to delete his previous decision and save the new status as approved. Here are a few tips that you can do to survive a Canada work permit refusal.

  • The first step towards solving a problem is always the analysis of it and to see what went wrong. For this, you need to order CAIPS notes from the Canadian visa offices . CAIPS is the acronym for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System which is used by all the visa officers to keep track of your visa application. In other words, it is a written representation of your impression which your file had on the visa officer. Also, you can know the result of the medical examination and find the copy of the same in your CAIPS notes.
  • Now, once you have ordered the reason for your Canada visa rejection then you must know what went wrong. The CAIPS notes are a technical written representation. So, it can be hard for a layman to understand the language. Well, the interpretation can be done with the help of experts who are a maestro at this job. For instance, if you had requested for Canada work permit status update for knowing what is the reason that is causing so much of delay in your work permit process then CAIPS can get you the answer.
  • Likewise, the third tip in the line is that you should visit an expert that can advise you what necessary changes are there which need to be incorporated for making that visa officer satisfied and hit that mark on your passport.
  • Another tip that you need to keep in mind when you re-apply after your Canada work permit refusal is to keep the documents properly and arrange them in the order that the visa officer can easily process your file.
  • Lastly, you must also submit the extra documents that the visa officer remarked that were not present and led to your Canada work permit refusal.

Well, once you know these things you can re-apply for your work permit and gain a success. One important service here is CAIPS which helps you survive the refusal. One of the maestro experts that offer this service of CAIPS and makes your visa re-application easy are experts at

They aid you in ordering the CAIPS notes from the CIC along with the assistance in the interpretation part and recommendation from the best visa consultants. Go visit for getting in touch with them.