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How Can You Check Canada Immigration Application Status Through CAIPS Notes?

How Can You Check Canada Immigration Application Status Through CAIPS Notes?

Has your application for Canada immigration got refused? Are you unaware or unclear of the Canada immigration refusal reasons that led to your application’s demise? Do you wish to know your Canada immigration application status?  Worry not – now you can know each and every reason that proves to be a deciding factor behind your immigration application’s or visa application’s final result. You can request for CAIPS notes wherein such exact reasons are mentioned along with stating what mistakes or errors you had made in your application. Moreover, you can also check your Canada immigration application status by ordering CAIPS notes and getting them interpreted.

CAIPS notes enable you to track your Canada immigration application status and know at what stage has it got stuck or is taking more time than usual to get processed. CAIPS stands for ‘Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System’. Thousands of applicants apply for immigration or Permanent Residency for Canada but only a few of them get the green signal. CAIPS notes help the rejected applicants to get well versed with the blunders made by them in the application and improvise upon the same.

Immigration applications, i.e. applications for a grant of citizenship take about 12 months to get processed. However, even this processing time is tentative in nature as the piling up of applications at the CIC office delays the processing times of applications. In such a case, CAIPS notes can be ordered, which help you know your current application status and the reason behind such a delay. For CAIPS notes, you can apply online through with utter convenience.

Generally, Canada immigration application status is important to be known as the application process can undergo delay due to some commonly established reasons like incomplete documentation or filing of information, requirement of additional documents, revelation of unauthentic information in the application, etc. CAIPS notes help in making you alert and aware of the factors due to which your immigration application might have got stuck at any stage of the process. This way, you can stay informed of the overall status of your immigration application and henceforth, chances of improvising and bringing amends to your application increase.

So if you’re willing to counter a Canada immigration refusal or check you’re your Canada immigration application status, you can definitely consider putting up a request for CAIPS notes.

You can apply for CAIPS notes online and experience quick & easy processing once you take help of an immigration expert like, which is an online portal with a team of experts that look after the potential success of your immigration application. You can also be called for an interview, prior to which CAIPS notes can provide you with what went wrong in your application. CAIPS notes, from the date of applying, take up to 30 working days to arrive and for the purpose of interpretation and recommendation from, another 4 to 5 working days are required.