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Find Out Canada Work Permit Refusal Reasons With CAIPS Notes

Find Out Canada Work Permit Refusal Reasons With CAIPS Notes

Learn what went wrong, was it due to the error in employer compliance documents or due to applicant’s profile flaw. Get complete details on your specific caseinquiry with CAIPS notes.

The most common reasons for Canada Work Permit refusal reasons are:

  • No proper documentation or explanation for ties to home country.
  • Dissatisfaction of the Visa officer that applicant will return back to his/her country on expiry of the visa.
  • Misuse of Temporary Residence Work Permit visa to entry Canada with an intention for Permanent Residence.
  • LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment is not approved.
  • LMIA approved but applicant’s profile is dismissed due to lack of proper documentation or presentation.

The above mentioned points are general in nature,CAIPS notes will have case specific details with regards to your specific profile background check and assessment, giving you the exact idea on Canada Work permit refusal reasons.

What is LMIA and when it is required?

LMIA is Labour Market Impact Assessment which is required to be filed by the employer in Canada to ESDC – Employment and Social Development Canada.

For successful work permit visa application, applicant needs to have LMIA approved job offer, this shows that the place is vacant and requires to be fulfilled by foreign worker due to shortage and unavailability of similar candidates within Canada and hence foreign worker is employed. In case if your LMIA is disapproved it is completely useless to apply as it will be one of the definite reasons for your Canada work permit refusal reasons.

If you want to apply for work permit from Overseas then LMIA is essential until and unless you are eligible under LMIA exempt categories which are as follows:

  • Members of the live- in caregiver class.
  • Members of the spouse or common-law partner class.
  • Spouse or common-law partner of the applicant on student visa/ post study work permit visa or work permit visa.
  • A person who has filed an application on a humanitarian grounds.

In addition, there are other categories under the agreements where a person can apply without an LMIA approved Job offer. Even in a case of LMIA exempt Categories there are specific rules and immigration criteria to be followed, failing to do so will lead to refusal.

How CAIPS notes will guide you for Canada Work Permit refusal reasons?

If you applied for Canada work permit in either of the following categories:

  • LMIA required category – LMIA approved Job Offer for Temporary Foreign Worker
  • LMIA exempted category – Open work permit and other exempted category

And if you are clueless on why your application was not approved, which points needed more attention and how to re-apply for positive approval, then there can be several basis for Canada work permit refusal reasons. You need to understand the grounds of refusal then only there are chances of any positive approval. If you have applied with an LMIA approved job offer then you need to know if anything went from the Employer’s compliance procedure or from the applicant’s compliance procedure. The general refusal reasons will only state as to why your application was refused due to dissatisfaction that,

“You will not return to your home country or due to lack of funds or due to dissatisfaction that you meet all the requirements.”

But with CAIPS notes, you will know the Canada work permit refusal reasons with complete background history and details. This will help you in justifying your application and providing the important piece of information to the Visa officer for proper assessment. There will be a gross difference with CAIPS notes, chances of your application getting proper attention are highest. At times, it has happened that onre-application with CAIPS notes, applicants were able to file and represent their case more precisely with better intricacies reducing application deficiencies leading to approval. Caips notes will also help you and guide you with correct documentation and proofs to be supported for relevant sections of Immigration Act for Canada work permit visa.