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How can you Order GCMS Notes from India?

How can you Order GCMS Notes from India?

Have you applied for a Canadian visa from India? Did you face visa rejection? You can change the decision by ordering GCMS notes. GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System” which is a system used by IRCC to keep a record of the internally processed visa and immigration applications by the visa officials. Moreover, the information is stored in the format of electronic notes or better known as GCMS notes. But, how to order GCMS notes from India? GCMS notes can only be requested by a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or an individual or corporation present in Canada. So, if you are not having any relatives in Canada then, you can approach

An online portal where a team of experts provides prospective customers with the service of GCMS notes where they apply on the client’s behalf. Here is how to order GCMS notes from India through


Your first step to order GCMS notes from Canada is to register yourself with Once you register with, an expert will be assigned to handle your case where complete attention will be diverted at your visa rejection. Now, once the expert has understood your case, they will explain to you about the services and the respective charges of each and every service. All the information is disclosed and the expert tries to keep the process as transparent as possible. After registering with the online portal, you need to make sure that you remember your user ID and password

Upload the documents

You need to upload a set of documents along with your application. team of experts will address you the required set of documents you need to upload. Hence, the expert can request GCMS notes on your behalf. Also, it helps the expert to complete the application as each and every detail is filled up the expert and no hassle is experienced by you.

Choose your service and make the payment

After getting information about the services, you need to choose your service which you wish to avail from the expert and pay the respective charges. For paying, applicants need to make payment through any debit/credit card. As soon as the payment is made applicants directly get an invoice on their mail ID

Sign the consent form and upload it

After filling out your application, the expert will send you the consent form/ application form. You have to proof-read each and everything and after verifying the details, you need to sign the consent form. After signing the consent form, you need to scan the same sheet of paper and upload it to your account with

After uploading the consent form, the expert will file a request for your GCMS notes. If everything is proper, your request is processed within 30 working days. The processing time of GCMS notes on an average is 30 Working Days but may vary on the inflow of applications with CIC. In the end, how to order GCMS notes from India query is solved by experts. Contact them on for more information about their services.