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Improve Your Chances of Visa Approval by CAIPS File Check

Improve Your Chances of Visa Approval by CAIPS File Check

Ever wondered what happens after you have submitted your visa application? The thoughts may be too many to analyze. Think about a system where you can track every movement of your visa.

CAIPS stands for the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System which is used by the Canadian Visa Offices and the Consulates for visa processing done outside of Canada. So, the visa applications submitted with the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are recorded in this system.

What are CAIPS notes?

The records that are kept in the form of electronic notes are called CAIPS notes. It contains all the information related to the visa application of the applicant.

What kind of information is expected in CAIPS notes?

You can find details about the location of your application submission, documents submitted, carry-forward dates, remarks given by the visa officers’ till the final stage.

CAIPS File Check notes are formed for the applications that are being processed outside Canada. A request needs to be created and henceforth you will be able to view the progress of your application. Every action taken on your status is imprinted on the file.

Why do you need CAIPS notes?

Quite often the process takes time and we keep hoping for things to happen right. Knowing the causes of the situation will help in better understanding. Let’s have a look at some scenarios.

Visa Application Rejection

Your Canadian visa has got rejected and would like to know ‘why’. So, before you start to overthink, check your CAIPS notes and find out what went wrong. The notes will contain detailed information including the remarks regarding your application.

Check the current status of your visa

‘Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.’ – R W Emerson. CAIPS notes enable you to know the updated status of your visa application with regards to, at what stage it has reached in the process.

Delay in Visa Application Process

The question ‘why is my visa application taking a longer time than usual?’ could be thought-provoking. The best way to find out is to order CAIPS notes and it will help you to know the reasons for the delay.

Request for additional documents from the CIC (Canadian High Commission)

At times, the CIC requires more documents than provided to check the authenticity of the application. The CAIPS notes give you a brief idea about the reason for the request for additional documents.

Request for an interview from the CIC

The CIC sends requests for an interview if they are not satisfied with the intentions of the applicant as mentioned in the application. In such cases, one can find the reasons cited by the visa officer in the CAIPS notes.

Medical Examination

Most visa categories demand a medical examination and with the pandemic situation, it is even more evident now. Some applicants are unaware of the fact that their visa process is stopped due to medical concerns. Since the reports are directly sent to the CIC, CAIPS notes can help you to check the required details.

*CAIPS is also referred to as GCMS.

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