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Interpreting CAIPS Notes

Interpreting CAIPS Notes

CAIPS notes are a boon in disguise for people who have gone through visa refusal or rejection. These notes are the weapon that can help one move closer to visa approval on re-application. The CAIPS Notes (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) are electronic notes which consist of the information of the visa applications. The CIC or Canadian High Commission maintains proper documentation of the details of the applicants.

The details are related to the visa application submission location, assessment details, and the visa officer’s remarks about the application. The electronic notes are generally a medium through which the applicants applying for a visa under all categories, i.e. Study, Visitor or Spouse, can receive details about their application.

Caipsfile makes the process of issuing CAIPS notes easier and hassle free for you but what to do once you get them? Not everyone is well-equipped as to know the technicalities and jargons used by the visa officials in your visa rejection file. It is in such times that Caipsfile provides CAIPS notes interpretation services! It is better to get an interpretation done by a third party like Caipsfile which is well versed with the jargons and possible reasons of visa refusal than to waste time and interpret the CAIPS notes by yourself. Moreover, when a task like this which is technical and prone to mistakes when done by self is done you will end up harming your visa re-application even more.

The CAIPS notes consist of a proper structure which might seem a little alien to people who are reading it for the first time. There are pages that are to be skipped and not stressed upon, hence information like this is known only to people who have an experience reading, issuing and interpreting CAIPS notes. In the jargon of CAIPS there is certain information that remains protected while one of the pages is that of assessment while one is of security screening.

Moreover, CAIPS notes are full of abbreviations and acronyms which as stated earlier is not everyone’s cup of tea. Google coding aids can only help you in accordance to a popularly used CAIPS words google search understanding and not beyond that.

For the reasons stated above it is important and advisable that you use interpretation services by Caipsfile to get a better understanding of your CAIPS notes and visa rejection so that you can re-apply for your Canada visa with an understanding of the precise reasons for rejection. Interpretation of CAIPS notes by Caipsfile also subjects you to get certain tips as well as guidance on which route to take next in terms of re-application.

We hope this blog was useful to you in determining the next step you can take after issuing CAIPS notes and that you choose Caipsfile for all your CAIPS needs.

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