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Planning To Reapply For Canada Permanent Residency After Rejection? Make Your Application Stronger Through Caips Notes

Planning To Reapply For Canada Permanent Residency After Rejection? Make Your Application Stronger Through Caips Notes

Every year, thousands of applicants apply for Canada permanent residency visas many of these applications gets rejected for a multiple reasons, some of them are entirely avoidable. Such situations typically result in much disappointment for applicants and their families.There are several Canada permanent residency options for foreign nationals, however properly planning the processes in place can sometimes be challenging. This blog will help you in better understanding how Caips can be helpful in making your Canada permanent residency reapplication process more effective.

What can be done to make your Canada permanent residency visa file more stronger?

Make sure the form is properly filled with relevant information:

Application form filling is one of the primary step towards your Canada visa application, hence while filling up your file application form you must make sure that you have filled each minute details on it, this will help you increasing your chances for visa approval.

Provide accurate information:

While making an application for Canada permanent residency make sure that the facts are presented. It is your responsibility that the information must be truthful and relevant which will help you to make your process more easier and avoiding visa rejection.

Submitting all the relevant documents you have:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make the application reliable by submitting as many supporting documents you have. For e.g: if you have someone in Canada sponsoring you, submit the sponsorship letter along with all the details of sponsor-er such as personal information of you and your friend or family member, contact details of the person on Canada. Possibilities are there of visa officer contacting the person who sponsored you.

Be prepared financially:

Moving abroad always needs better financial background, if you lack in presenting proper financial means. You must have a viable means of income and should be able to prove that you will not become a financial burden to the country. Being financially sound always helps you to settle down in better way.

Whatever might be the Canada PR refusal reasons, it is important to act really quick when you are informed that your Canada permanent residency visa application is rejected, better seek a qualified and experienced Canadian immigration consultant.

The first step towards appealing your file rejection is to get your file reassessed and identify the mistakes, make it done through an ICCRC certified consultants.