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Do You Know The Major Reasons Behind Canada Visa Rejection?

Do You Know The Major Reasons Behind Canada Visa Rejection?

Did your Canada visa get refused? Do you know what to do next in case of Canada visa rejection? There is something called CAIPS Notes which can be ordered by you if you face Canada visa rejection.

The full form of CAIPS is ‘Computerized Assisted Immigration Processing System’ and CAIPS notes are like reports of your Canada visa application. These notes are electronically generated and consist of certain important details regarding your application such as the reasons for Canada visa rejection.

Just like CAIPS notes, there are also options of GCMS application and FOSS notes Canada for you which convey to you the factors and reasons responsible for the refusal of Canada visa applications.

Here some of the major reasons which result in Canada visa rejection

  • Your Canada visa application can be rejected if you submit incomplete information or documents within your application.
  • Submission of unauthentic documents or information can end up in the rejection of your Canada visa application.
  • If it turns out that you have certain medical or health problems, then you may have to face Canada visa rejection.
  • One of the most common reasons of Canada visa rejection is being unable to convince the visa officer that you will return to your home country once your visa period gets expired.

Read on to find out how CAIPS notes can help you –

  • CAIPS notes let you know the current status of your Canada visa application, in case it is undergoing delay or is stuck somewhere in the process. For example, you can order CAIPS notes for knowing your Canada spouse visa status.
  • CAIPS notes also help you gain detailed insights when it comes to Canada visa rejection. It lets you know the reasons because of which your Canada visa application got rejected.

To order CAIPS notes, you can get in touch with, an online portal with a team of proficient members who are always ready to provide the best services to you! You can apply for CAIPS notes online via by going through with the following procedure –

  • Find out about CAIPS notes through
  • Get yourself registered with this expert web portal.
  • Upload all the necessary and required documents such as passport and refusal letter.
  • Make online payment for the services which you avail. (Debit Card/Credit Card).
  • Sign the consent form that you’ll be provided by after your successful payment.
  • Send the signed copy of your consent form back to!

Various services offered by –

  • Basic CAIPS notes ordering Service
  • Interpretation Service
  • Recommendation Service
  • Document Recalling Service

There are various packages available for you which can largely benefit you!

You can visit for getting enlightened with more information on CAIPS notes. You can also drop an email to for obtaining answers to all your queries and doubts.