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Next 6 Months: Most Anticipated Canadian Immigration Policy Amendments!

Next 6 Months: Most Anticipated Canadian Immigration Policy Amendments!

Concerning the presently ongoing situation of Canadian Immigration, expert speculations hint at a better 2nd half of the year 2020 and decent normalization of immigration intake by the year 2021. The improvements are already being observed as immigration applicants can now clear their English proficiency test and can also get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

The government is taking the flexible way by coming up with easygoing policies so as to support new immigration candidates. Candidates are being provided with extended time for submissions and documentations. Moreover, if any such candidate is not able to submit a fully complete application because of the COVID-19 epidemic, such a candidate does not have to face rejection. Immigration Minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino, has over and over again reiterated that Canada is assuredly looking forward to welcome new immigration candidates for the purpose of enhancing Canada’s economy.

The next 6 months can bring many surprises related to the following aspects:

Travel Restrictions

The travel restrictions which are currently in place are abstaining international students, who didn’t have a valid student visa or a study permit, from coming to Canada. But as per the recent speculations, this might not be the case in the coming 6 months. That’s because the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has affirmed that it’s doing all it can in order to process student visa applications and study permits. The probability is high as in the coming summer Canada can exempt new Canada study permit holders by the month of September.

Federal Skilled Workers Program

The FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program), which is one of the most significant Express Entry streams, has been a great pathway for candidates of Canada PR. Although the draws held during the epidemic have largely emphasized upon and targeted PNP and CEC candidates. This is due to the fact that according to the IRCC, it’s practically more convenient to grant PR to candidates who are in Canada rather than providing PR to candidates who are still outside Canada.

FSWP candidates who are currently in Canada can rationally hope that they too will be a part of the Express Entry draws which will be held in the coming 6 months.

Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023

Out of all these speculations, the most anticipated one is be about the immigration levels plan for the tenure 2021-2023. By the time 1st November shows up, Immigration minister Mendicino might lay down vital amendments regarding such immigration plans.

It’s clearly speculated that by 1st of November, 2020, Minister Mendicino will announce pivotal updates as to the impact of corona virus on Canada’s future short term and long term immigration plans. It’s most likely that by 2021, a landmark announcement based on the immigration targets is well on the cards.