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How to order CAIPS notes for your Canada visa rejection?

How to order CAIPS notes for your Canada visa rejection?

Did you apply for Canada student visa and it got rejected? Did your Canada work permit get refused? Well, did you tried to find out what did your application missed that lead the visa officer to such decision? If your answer is no, then here is how you can know the reason of your Canada visa rejection be it for a student visa, work permit visa, spouse dependent visa, temporary resident visa or any other type of visa with the help of CAIPS notes. CAIPS is a system maintained by all the visa offices in Canada where all the applicant’s details are kept as a record along with the remarks of the visa officer. Now, if you are not clear on how to order CAIPS notes from Canada High Commission you can contact an expert for the same who will guide you through the whole process. is a league of experts who are working for clients who have faced visa rejection and want to know the reason for their rejection by order CAIPS notes along with the piece of advice for visa re-application. They offer you the service of ordering CAIPS notes as well as the interpretation of CAIPS notes, a recommendation from the experts for the visa re-application and drafting of a statement of purpose. Here are the 4 simple steps through which you can apply for CAIPS notes online with


The first step that you need to do to order CAIPS notes is to get registered with where the whole process is online and transparent and you need to fill in your details. Before the registration, you can clarify all your doubts through our online chat process where the experts answer your queries. Now, once you have registered with us remember your User ID and Password.


The next step after registration is that you have to submit your documents as asked by the expert for CAIPS application form. The documents which need to be submitted are a passport, UCI number and Application number as well as the refusal letter or any other document requested by the expert. If there is a dependent applicant detail for the same are needed to be provided to the expert. In case, if the UCI number is lost then the candidate has to provide all the details to the expert related to the application


The applicant then needs to select the service which he/she wants the benefit of and needs to make the payment to according to the service selected. The applicant can click on the PayPal logo for the payment or for any other alternative payment source can contact at


As soon as the payment is made, our expert will start filling your details in a consent form and the form is then sent to you through the mail. The candidate has to go through the form and make sure that each and every detail is correct or not. In case of correction, the candidate has to mention the same through the mail and sign the consent form. After signing the consent form, the candidate has to scan the copy of consent form and upload it in his/her account.

Furthermore, the experts file your request to CIC for CAIPS notes. Likewise, the average processing time for CAIPS notes is 30 working days after which the candidate receives CAIPS notes. Lastly, more time can be consumed if any extra service is ordered. As a result, you get your CAIPS notes with the help of experts in the smoothest way.