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Basic Service with Interpretation


You will get to order CAIPS, FOSS or GCMS report and get it interpreted at the same time. CAIPS/GCMS and FOSS/GCMS have technical terms and legislative language. Getting the notes interpreted by experts will help you to understand the official language written by the CIC. Interpretation from an expert has its own advantage, as you will be able to cover all the important points mentioned in the CAIPS. CAIPS are usually 25-30 pages long depending on the case. Interpretation notes prepared by the experts comprise of a simplified explanation of your CAIPS notes allowing you to re-apply successfully.



We at caipsfile believe if the client has spent a certain amount purchasing CAIPS notes they shouldn’t waste the effort and go through visa rejection again only because they could not understand the CAIPS notes. The basic service with interpretation package will ensure complete and true to its meaning interpretation of the CAIPS notes for the client to have a hassle free visa re-application. We interpret CAIPS notes in the easiest language possible for better understanding for clients.