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Interpretation and Recommendation


If you already have CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes and are looking for an expert to help you understand the notes and give you expert advice, then this service is the best for you. Experts will provide you an interpretation note that will consist of a simplified version of the remarks written by the visa officer in your CAIPS notes. You will also be given recommendations for re-applying successfully. Recommendation notes will consist of points that will increase the probability of your visa being approved. You’ll only have to send us the CAIPS/FOSS /GCMS notes along with a few additional documents to analyze your case.


Caipsfile provides this dual service to ensure increase in your visa approval chances on re-application. We have years of experience and expertise with CAIPS notes interpretation services. Our success ratio is proof of how our recommendations to your re-application post interpretation of CAIPS notes has proved to be beneficial to a great extent. Such dual service availability with easy interpretation of CAIPS notes is golden offer!