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Statement Of Purpose (SOP)


The Statement of Purpose is the most important part of your student visa application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path, your professional interests and what are your future plans. There is a myriad of qualified applicants with good exam scores and sundry resumes that the universities can now choose from for their potential students. That is why the statement of purpose (SOP) is your chance to show the admissions committees why you deserve to be accepted and how you stand out in the pool of applicants.

The statement of purpose also gives you the chance to address any gaps or weaknesses in your academic record and help you to turn your weakness into strengths by illustrating how you overcame the obstacles, showing resilience and staying persistent. It gives information about your previous study and research experiences if any in addition to the skills you might have learned from academic, labour research experiences. It also gives a brief on one’s professional goals. Thus it is mandatory that one has a statement of purpose made for oneself.