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How To Overcome Repeated Refusal With CAIPS Notes For Student Visa?

How To Overcome Repeated Refusal With CAIPS Notes For Student Visa?

Avoid further refusals by applying for Caips Notes for Student Visa

Re-applying for a Canada student visa, obtain complete information and details before re-application. Repeated refusal can become a hurdle and create a setback for your profile. Reduce your chances for refusal with Caips Notes for Student Visa. Instead of re-applying randomly, and trying haphazardly first to learn what went wrong with your initial application, seek professional consultation. Consider all the important remarks in Caips Notes, correct the mistakes and errors thus avoiding consecutive refusals. Once remarks of Caips Notes are considered and justified with appropriate information and documents there is the highest possibility of getting a student visa approval.

What are CAIPS Notes and how is it related to Student Visa?

CAIPS is stored data of applicants including every detail of the application. These records are maintained throughout for future reference once UCI i.e., Unique Client Identification is generated. It gives complete background details of the applicant including details on refusal if there is any. So, if you were refused once, it will have details with remarks for refusal. On repeated refusal, the same CAIPS Notes has remarks and details for all refusal for any type of visa of Canada.

CAIPS Notes for a Student visa will give you exact reasons for visa refusal. Instead of re-applying randomly and without any professional guidance it’s better to hold on and get CAIPS Notes before re-application. You will understand, aspects and factors which lead to such a decision as CAIPS have all these remarks included. Importantly CAIPS Notes are generated directly by Citizenship and Immigration Canada giving the most reliable and genuine information.

Present Opportunities for Students in Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for overseas students offering enormous opportunities. The country offers an excellent chance to international students for immigration and work permits. Students are allowed to work part-time during studies and on completion of studies, they are entitled to Post Study work permit, leading to Canadian immigration. Canada receives a high number of student visa applications across the world at various Canadian High Commission. Also, there is a section of applicants applying for the study permit from within Canada under the change of status category updated recently in the year 2014, allowing visitors and temporary visa holders to convert to study permit without leaving Canada. Ample options are available only due to contemplation and accurate visa application processing are key to get a Canada Student visa stamped on your passport. With proper filing and documentation, you can avail this opportunity even if you were refused. There is no need to lose hope just get CAIPS Notes and re-apply.

Difference between Refusal letter and CAIPS Notes

Although applications are prepared and submitted as per the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) requirements there are various important points taken into consideration with a review of the background check. Meeting eligibility requirements is just one aspect if you applied for a student visa or temporary visa and your application was refused you need to understand why such a decision was made. The decision process is highly objective leaving minimum room for personal preferences. To understand the accurate reason for refusal you should request CAIPS Notes. The Caips Notes has a different section with details of each stage. A refusal letter issued by CIC or any of the Canadian High Commissions is generalized giving a broad reason for refusal. Most of the time it is difficult to understand which points are suspected and need due consideration through a refusal letter but through Caips you can get exact details in terms of your background review and profile thus bridging the missing communication gap.