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The concept of CAIPS explained

The concept of CAIPS explained

If your Canada visa has been rejected it is no new news to come across the term ‘CAIPS notes’. Probably every third person who knows of your visa rejection will suggest you issue or avail CAIPS notes services. But what are CAIPS notes? What is so essential about issuing them before visa re-application? How to use them to ensure your visa rejection turns to approval? Well, this blog aims to answer all your doubts in an easy and simple manner for you to not confuse yourself further.

What are CAIPS notes?

The CAIPS Notes (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) are electronic notes which consist of the information of the visa applications. The CIC or Canadian High Commission maintains proper documentation of the details of the applicants.

The details are related to the visa application submission location, assessment details, and the visa officer’s remarks about the application. The electronic notes are generally a medium through which the applicants applying for a visa under all categories, i.e. Study, Visitor or Spouse, can receive details about their application.

How can CAIPS notes be helpful?

CAIPS notes can be helpful for:

  • a) Application Refusal: CAIPS notes can be issues in case your Canada visa has been refused. The notes can be used to avail information regarding why the authorities rejected your visa application. Let’s take the example of a Canada student visa rejection; through CAIPS notes the student can understand where in their previous visa application did they go wrong and hence can improve it by the time they apply for Canada student visa again. The notes provide a proper understanding of the visa rejection reasons.
  • b) Status Update: The CAIPS notes can also be accessed by applicants who wish to know the status of their visa application. Sometimes like in the pandemic situation or when the application load on the authorities is a tad bit more than usual, there is slow or no response as to application updates on the official website. In times like not having received any response from the authorities for a time as long as a year, the applicant starts getting disheartened and losing hope. In such situations you can apply for CAIPS notes and get a clear picture regarding the status of your visa application.
  • c) Access to Documents Filed: For most Canada or other visa applicants, the submission and filing of documents and legal evidence is done by agents or immigration consultant services as applicants themselves cannot have the same degree of precision. However, if there hasn’t been a positive feedback to your visa application or rejection you can use CAIPS notes to draw an inference about the situation and have an access to them as well.
  • d) Visa re-application: As mentioned above, CAIPS notes are the most useful for information about reasons of your Canada visa refusal. These electronic notes make you help the base of your re-application stronger while overcoming previous shortcomings. The chances of visa approval after referring to CAIPS notes for improvement prior to visa re-application increase by a good percentage than re-applying again without putting in the said efforts.

Timeline for CAIPS notes?

The usual time for CAIPS notes to processing is about 30 days which is subject to be affected by the number of requests the ICCRC might have at the time for CAIPS notes. Generally, the CAIPS notes can take from 30 to 60 working days and in case of any extension the ICCRC will notify the applicant. These CAIPS notes are also available to interpretation services which is made available to the applicant 5-6 days after the arrival of CAIPS notes.

What are the requirements to apply for CAIPS notes?

The requisites to apply for CAIPS notes is very easy, it only needs:

  • Application Number: The application number is a compulsory requirement when applying for CAIPS, which is a number given to the applicant as soon as they apply for a visa with the ICCRC. The application number consists of 1 letter followed by 9 digits. If you have multiple applications you will have multiple application numbers.
  • Unique Client Identifier Number: An applicant’s UCI number is also important for their visa application process, however unlike multiple application numbers you will get only one UCI number despite of any number of applications made to the CIC. The UCI number consists of 8 numbers separated by a hyphen or 10 digits separated by two hyphens.
  • Passport Copy (consisting of first, last and stamped pages)
  • Additional documents requested for by the CIC
  • Official consent form IMM 5744 with signature
  • Additional documents if requested for

How to apply for CAIPS notes?

We at make it very easy for you to order CAIPS notes service, just by the single click of registration and uploading of the documents. For CAIPS Notes or GCMS Notes, apply at our online portal for speedy services. We believe in serving you with the best in class services consisting of a transparent process, expert guidance and efficient services to ensure positive outcomes for you. Here, we are glad to explain to you in detail the step by step CAIPS / GCMS / FOSS Notes application procedure and basic documental requirements needed to go ahead with the same. Once you register with us and upload the documents as required the rest of the process will be taken care of by us. Our elite team of experts will be in your touch to assist you related to your CAIPS / GCMS / FOSS notes request. Lastly, if there is a requirement of the CAIPS / FOSS / GCMS notes service of the dependent applicant, then you can attach their passport copy, refusal letter with the consent form IMM 5744 having their signature. We also provide CAIPS notes interpretation and recommendation service, so that you can conveniently proceed with a successful reapplication for your Canada visa.

Hope this blog solved each one of your CAIPS notes queries. As mentioned above is here to make CAIPS notes and interpretation a hassle free and easy service for you as to make your visa re-application more liable to approval!