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3 Simple Tips to Avoid Canada Student Visa Rejection Again

3 Simple Tips to Avoid Canada Student Visa Rejection Again

Are you in the queue of candidates who have faced Canada student visa rejection? Is visa re-application your next destination? Well, you should halt for a minute and plan everything out before re-applying for Canada student visa as the queue is long and you might need proper evidence to defend your case once again. So, if you don’t want to fall into the hands of visa rejection once again take help from an authorized expert and resolve your issue. For that, you need to order GCMS notes. GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System” which is a system which is operated by the Canadian visa offices which keeps a record of the visa applications that are submitted to IRCC. The system contains information of the applicants who have applied for different types of Canadian visa. Here are 3 simple tips to avoid Canada student visa rejection again when you re-apply


Canada student visa refusal can be defeated when you order GCMS notes. Basically, the notes are the format in which your information is stored in GCMS.  Moreover, the notes contain information about the respective applicant’s visa application. Furthermore, the information contains details about the location at which the visa application is submitted, the visa application’s assessment and the remarks of the visa officer. So, this gives an insight to the applicant that why the visa was refused and what was missing. In particular, the notes also share the information of the missing documents which led to the Canada student visa rejection.


The GCMS notes are drafted in the language which contains technical terms which makes it hard for the students to interpret it and get to know their Canada student visa refusal reasons. This could also be solved if the student takes the help of an authorized expert who can help them understand the notes. Therefore, it becomes easy for the students to understand the notes. Another case, where the notes are helpful is when the student has filed the application for a study permit for Canada but has not received any update from the visa office. Here the GCMS notes are very much helpful as they help the student to check their Canada student visa status.


Before re-application, the applicant must always take a recommendation from an expert who can guide you about the ways in which the refusal can be tackled. Basically, there are certain eligibility criteria for Canada student visa. So, to complete the eligibility the candidate has to submit necessary documents to justify the eligibility. With attention to documents, the expert will advise you in which manner you should present your case. Thus, your case looks stronger and you do not fall into the hands of visa rejection again.

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