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Let’s Reveal The Truth Behind Canada Student Visa Refusal Reasons

Let’s Reveal The Truth Behind Canada Student Visa Refusal Reasons

What are the top two Canada Student Visa refusal reasons?

Do you want to know the most common Canada Student Visa Refusal Reasons, well most of the International student’s visas are refused stating “Other Reasons” as part of a reason? It is the most common tick point on the refusal checklist of students.

Next to it comes, intention to leave Canada at the end of the study period stated as “You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay”. These are general reasons but with help of GCMS Notes you will know more specific reasons related to your application.

Students who receive refusal sometimes completely lose hope instead they should get GCMS Notes for better preparation and visa prospects at the time of re-application. This is highly recommended, it will give them the opportunity to re-apply with the least amount of flaws and present the application in the best possible manner.

GCMS notes is the best and the most trustworthy document, giving details of an application made including date of receipt, date of medical, remarks entered by the visa officer and documents assessed for reaching the decision. Decisions made based on general refusal reasons cannot give you proper guidance, as the checklist is common for all. Hence to reveal the truth behind the Canada Student visa refusal reasons GCMS notes is the best way to go.

Currently looking at the market trend in Indian and Sub- Asian Continent there is an increase in the number of applications made every year for Overseas Education. Canada ranks amongst the favourite in top 5 destination countries. Although by the end of the year 2015 and the beginning of 2016 we have seen a sharp rise in the number of students refused for Canada. Students should take into account various factors before reaching any decision in case of refusal. Rather get GCMS notes from an authorized ICCRC consultant to learn more on your case specific details for Canada student visa refusal reasons.

The Canadian High Commissions and consulates across the globe follow the set system, laws and policies with little subjective discretion available to a visa officer for deciding the application results. Mostly when students get GCMS notes and re-apply with proper documentation and representation they receive a visa. Proper representation is key to avoid any reason for Canada student visa refusal. Just make sure you do not leave any reason for them to refuse your application.

Stir clear all your doubts with GCMS notes at your help, it will make your processing more exact. So, by now you must be aware that if you have received a Canada student visa refusal then no need to worry as you are just a part of a number of students who face similar results. Get GCMS notes quickly re-apply for the same or upcoming intake at earliest, you will not regret your decision. So, give it a chance.