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Using CAIPS to check visa application status

Using CAIPS to check visa application status

CAIPS stands for ‘Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System’, a service that can be used to know precise reasons for one’s visa rejection as well as multiple uses that include knowing your visa application status. The tension and anxiety one faces after submitting their Canada visa application till the time they receive an update on their application status is beyond comparison to other feelings of paranoia! The CIC or Canadian High Commission maintains proper documentation of the details of the applicants.

The details are related to the visa application submission location, assessment details, and the visa officer’s remarks about the application. The electronic notes are generally a medium through which the applicants applying for a visa under all categories, i.e. Study, Visitor or Spouse, can receive details about their application. Apart from making you aware about previously submitted documents and reasons for your Canada visa rejection, CAIPS can help you check your visa application status.

The processing time per usual for an immigration application is about 12 months which may be subject to further delay caused due to the thousands of applications that ICCRC has to process, even more now due to the pandemic and lack of workforce. As an authority of representation they cannot afford to make mistakes or rather justify error on their part owing to working at a faster pace. In such cases the applications for Canada visa might take more time than usual as a result of which they will take longer to be updated on the official website as well.

The applicant on the other hand might be unaware of what goes into the lengthy process of Canada visa applications and they will end up making their life worrisome thinking about the various reasons on how their application could’ve gone wrong. It is at times of jeopardy like this, that CAIPS notes come to the rescue! When CAIPS notes are ordered seeking answers at this point in time, they help you know your current application status and the reason behind such a delay. For CAIPS notes, you can apply online through with convenience and no hassle.

Commonly stated reasons for Canada visa not being approved or rejected yet and being in the middle of the two often mean incomplete documentation or filing of information, requirement of additional documents, revelation of unauthentic information in the application, etc. CAIPS notes are useful in making one aware of these discrepancies and also mentioning reasons owing to which your Canada visa application might be subject to delay of this sort. Knowing these reasons not only relieves one of their jeopardy and confusion but also makes the applicant become more prepared and forthcoming if there are chances of visa re-application.

There might also be times in the application process when the applicant might be called in for an interview in order to clear the doubts raised regarding their visa application. It is during such times that CAIPS notes can help the applicant prepare answers for the discrepancies they can be asked about and hence save their visa from rejection by giving justified and convincing answers to the questions asked.

Now that you know how useful CAIPS notes are with multiple visa application processes, you can apply for CAIPS notes online and experience quick & easy processing once you take help of an immigration expert like, which is an online portal with a team of experts that look after the potential success of your immigration application. You can also be called for an interview, prior to which CAIPS notes can provide you with what went wrong in your application. CAIPS notes, from the date of applying, take up to 30 working days to arrive and for the purpose of interpretation and recommendation from, another 4 to 5 working days are required.