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CAIPS: An Answer To Your Refusal or A Pathway To Re-Application

CAIPS: An Answer To Your Refusal or A Pathway To Re-Application

What is CAIPS? Is it an answer to your visa refusal or a pathway to your re-application? CAIPS which stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System is an online system. To begin with, the system is managed and operated by Canadian visa offices where a record of the visa applications is kept that are submitted with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The records are kept in the form of electronic notes also known as CAIPS notes which contain information of the visa applications of the respective applicants. Moreover, the information is comprised of the location on which the visa application is submitted, details regarding visa assessment and the remarks of the visa officer on a particular candidate’s application. Furthermore, the system is replaced by Global Case Management System (GCMS). Let us explore how the system can turn out to be beneficial by giving you the answer that you want or the system that can show you the path to re-application.

The system by providing CAIPS notes give prospective applicants an insight in their visa application by enlightening them with the reasons for their visa refusal, the documents which were missing while they were submitting their application as well as what made the visa officer land on such a decision.


The respective candidate who has faced the Canada visa rejection needs to file a request for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) notes from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) first by submitting the CAIPS application form and the necessary documents to request for the electronic notes. Eventually, the request is processed and the notes can be availed by the individual in approximately 30 working days. Also, the notes can be availed by an individual only if they are present in Canada. For those individuals who are not present in Canada, they can file a request for CAIPS notes with the help of a permanent resident, citizen or individual or corporation in Canada as only individuals who are staying in Canada can request for the same.

After availing CAIPS notes, the individual can get the necessary answers for their visa rejection such as refusal reasons, the visa officer’s remarks as well as documents that were missing while submitting to the visa application. But, the electronic notes are used by visa officers. Owing to this reason, the language in which the notes are drafted is technical which makes it hard for the applicant to understand the notes. So, the applicant must opt for CAIPS notes interpretation which helps the applicant to understand the notes.


After ordering CAIPS notes, the individual can move ahead with the help of an expert towards re-application for the respective Canadian visa they wish to avail. But, only knowing the refusal reasons and the mistakes is not enough for re-application. Applicants need to make sure that they present their case in a stronger manner which increases their chances of approval.

In the end, CAIPS (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) is an applicant’s pathway for re-application as it makes applicants’ familiar with their visa application mistakes.

Now, for individuals who are not living in Canada and have no relative in Canada solves their problems. The online portal provides services to individuals who wish to get access to their CAIPS notes. Moreover, the online portal is managed by an authorized team of experts who are eligible to request CAIPS notes on your behalf as well as interpret them. Also, they offer you recommendation for your re-application process. To order CAIPS notes email us at or call 91-9724274612.